Foreword by Annet Libeau

In an ancient civilization that spans Earth’s galaxy, only those with strength of purpose and razor-sharp cunning can survive the wrath of the lustful and the craven.

The Time Treasure: Insidious Inheritance is an enthralling, wildly inventive science fiction odyssey by Mark Fulcher and Annet Libeau, which pits the ruthless against the righteous in an epic galactic battle royale that could transform the universe. It’s riveting, mind-bend reading for anyone who relishes a fantastic story of enduring love, courage, selfishness, greed, and corruption.

An advanced civilization once flourished on Earth, Mars, and the fifth planet, Shaytan, now known as the asteroid belt. When a rockfall unexpectedly reveals relics left by an older civilization, a greedy observer ignores the dire warnings to leave this find undisturbed, instead exploiting the opportunity by selling information about the location. This prompts an organization of powerful individuals from all three planets to attempt to lay their hands on the discovery, jeopardizing the fragile accord between the planets.

It’s up to a single Earth-based organization and a few intrepid individuals to risk their lives to stop these unscrupulous masterminds. The Fighting Priest Daiyus leads the charge. The son of a priestess, Lur, he was raised by her brother Karna after she disappeared when her husband was presumably murdered by the selfish, lascivious Hedra. Having no memory of who he really is, Daiyus believes he is an orphan who was brought to Karna by the temple cat, Kyr, the uncannily intelligent guardian angel who protects him from the wrath of the pernicious Hedra.

While Daiyus and Kyr investigate swirling rumors of an imminent war over an alleged dangerous legacy left by an ancient race, they are soon diverted to rescue the notorious assassin Tumarok, who may well object to their efforts. Unusually strong and talented, she was abducted as a young girl to be trained as an assassin, and false names and memories were hypnotically implanted to make her believe that she was an orphan. Schooled in the known fighting arts of the time, Tumarok became a sought-after killer, who was betrayed by her controller in a plot to murder the King.

Along the way, the team encounters the evil Sorcuk and her co-conspirators; the extremely beautiful princess Surra; the centaur-like Ekaasi, an old seer of the race who predicted the discovery of a perilous fortune; and Ogath, an explorer sent on an extraordinary journey into a new galaxy. Can they overcome fierce obstacles to keep civilization soundly in the hands of the virtuous? The Time Treasure: Insidious Inheritance offers a wild ride of the imagination that will have you gripping every spellbinding word.


Book Information

  • Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9852095-0-6
  • eBook ISBN : 978-0-615-55089-3
  • Audiobook ISBN: 978-0-9852095-2-0
  • Published: First Ed. Feb 7, 2012
  • Available in: English
  • Edition: First Edition
  • Publisher: Sun Day Consulting, Inc
  • Paperback: 444 pages
  • Genre: Science Fiction / Adventure
  • Interest Age: 13 years and up
  • Authors: Mark Fulcher, Annet Libeau
  • Narrator: Steve Carlson
  • Cover and Character Graphic Design: Seeker

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