Behind The Book Cover

In July 2018, after extensive limb-salvage efforts and lengthy days, my brother had to make the difficult decision of having his right leg amputated below the knee. A few weeks prior to his horrific motorcycle accident, my graphic artist had completed the artwork for our new novel―Hidden World. On the front cover was Maksika, a lizardlike humanoid from a race called the Scrii, also sporting a below-the-knee amputation of his right leg.

Maksika, also known as The Ancient One, is introduced in chapter 8 although his presence is eluded to much earlier in the novel. He is the last living member of his race and resides in a place known as the Dead Zone. The locals call it the Place of Great Silences.

My mate and I were in an air-car at the time, and we headed for the opening to the inner planet at ground level in an effort to reach our ship. Unfortunately, just as we reached the half-concealed entrance, we were spotted by a small patrol ship. They, of course, gave chase and were rapidly overtaking us. We were unarmed and headed here in the hope of luring them into the dead zone. By the time we reached the dead zone, they were above and close behind us and opened fire just as I veered away when I recognized the pinkish hill which marks the edge of the dead zone. The single salvo miraculously missed my companion, but I lost my right leg just below the knee. The air-car lost power, and my companion grabbed control while I hastily applied a tourniquet to stop the bleeding.

Not unlike the character Maksika, my brother is larger-than-life, one of the strongest humans I’ve ever known. He appreciates the joy of laughter, is good at kindness, and a master at selflessness. To me, he is a thousand best friends.

Everything happens for a reason

True or false? There is no such a thing as coincidence.
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Everything happens for a reason

True or false? There is no such a thing as coincidence.
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