Season Of Predators: An Introduction To The Characters

My favorite character in Season Of Predators is the villain Pupaul. We had a lot of fun with the character names and many have deeper, more humorous meanings. You will also briefly meet Torak and Lerra, two of the main protagonists in the up-and-coming novel Secrets of Nevus. Gorrel, with his gargling voice, is probably the most interesting of all the characters in Season Of Predators. We hope you enjoy the humor, the story and the characters as much as we enjoyed creating them.



The Astrogator

Rescued from starvation after her mother’s spacecraft crash-landed on entry to Nevus, Quarr is known as the finest astrogator and navigator on the planet. She is a shape changer, a member of a race known as the Gwarra.


“Other than Kryger’s parents, no one knew that Quarr was a shape changer. Kryger found out when he questioned why she resembled his mother, believing she might be his sister. He was told the tale of how, many years before, his parents rescued a rare, brown leopard cub that was close to death from starvation. After reviving it, they were taken by surprise when the withered cub slowly changed into a small copy of his mother, cat face and all, except for her eyes, which stayed the same yellowish-brown color with round pupils.”




The Warrior

Kryger, son of the legendary Torak, is a fighter pilot. Known for his ruthlessness in a cockpit, he sometimes has a haunted look in his brilliant green cat eyes during unguarded moments, presumably due to the many horrible atrocities he has witnessed on many planets. Quarr has known him from birth, and claimed Kryger as her pilot even before he had finished his training as a penetration scout.







The Ancient Entity

She has been waiting for ages beyond memory to bid her material dimension farewell, and passed the long millennia by observing the evolution of different creatures on planets in solar systems far apart.


“Her elongated humanoid body was imprisoned in a life-preserving stasis unit that kept her alive, but her mind was free to roam the universe.”






The Hullenii

An alleged immortal being; a very powerful utterly callous creature known as Gorrel.

“It gargle-barked with amusement, and Kryger followed its thoughts. I might start to like this cheeky little creature that wants to challenge me.”







The Shadows

The peculiarly camouflaged beasts Ycagabys and Pgabys escaped when the Killers arrived a little more than half a year ago and appropriated their village to build a spaceport.



“Just before daybreak he saw the hideous, shadowy form materialize cautiously from the deeper shadow of the nearby boulder. Its color was a curious kind of mottled gray that blended well with the wan moonlight, and it was as big as a two-year old horse, but more powerfully muscled in a peculiar sort of way. He saw the rippling muscles on its shoulders and hindquarters. The animal, if animal it was, looked sleek, fast, and deadly despite its size. In contrast to its body, its face was a nightmare of protuberances and fangs. Two of the three eyes glared intense hatred as it looked toward the cave, but Kryger wasn’t sure that the creature could see him in the dark grotto.”


Acknowledgments: Cover and Character Graphic Design by Craig Farham


Favorite Sci-Fi Characters

Who is your favorite sci-fi character, choose from our list below:
  • Yoda, Star Wars
  • Darth Vader, Star Wars
  • Spock, Star Trek
  • G'Kar, Babylon 5
  • The Doctor, Doctor Who
  • HAL-9000, 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • David, Prometheus

Favorite Sci-Fi Characters

Who is your favorite sci-fi character, choose from our list below:
  • 63% Yoda, Star Wars
  • 19% Darth Vader, Star Wars
  • 6% Spock, Star Trek
  • 6% G'Kar, Babylon 5
  • 0% The Doctor, Doctor Who
  • 6% HAL-9000, 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • 0% David, Prometheus


  • comment-avatar
    Ryan January 31, 2017 (10:46 pm)

    Very intriguing. I like how The Shadows emerge and blend in with the background. Artfully done!

    • comment-avatar
      Annet February 1, 2017 (8:21 pm)

      Thank you, Ryan. We were inspired to create these two characters by a book written by Lobsang Rampa called The Third Eye. The third or mind’s eye provides a gate leading to higher consciousness.

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